Roofing contractor

How to choose a roofing contractor.

Advice for Finding The Correct Roofing Contractor
There is nothing worse than a roof that leaks, not only does it cause damage to other parts of your work place,but it causes untold aggravation to you and your staff.
Regardless if it is due to weather damage or poor workmanship, the fact is you will need to source a roofing contractor to rectify the issue.

When trying to find a roofing company you will find that there is an untold amount of companies out there claiming to be the best there is.
Here is our advice in what to look for when selecting a contractor.


Experience is the best place to start.
It cannot be bought and always has to be learned, and in some occasions, the hard way. The more experience a contractor has the better the job they are able to do.

Free estimates

Most companies will offer free estimates, but always check they offer this service before you call them out.
That way you will be able to compare quotes without any added costs to yourself.

Warranty on repairs

Ensure their work is warranted. A good roofing specialist will be proud of his work and the warranty will back that up.

Certifications and memberships

You can check on what certifications have been awarded to the roofer and this will boost your confidence in them. A body that is willing to associate itself with a certain contractor means that the contractor has met certain standard.
Some certifications to look out for are:

Reviews and feedback

Reviews and lots of them, not just a few from previous clients in the last few months means the contractor is consistently delivering on his promises.
This is a good tip to look out for.

These tips should be helpful when you are choosing a roofing contractor for your company.