Industrial Waterproofing Systems

Many roofs nearing the end of their useful life have had their life expectancy considerably extended by the application of a quality waterproofing system, incorporating a solar reflective finish.

Porous roof sheeting, ‘tired’ felt or asphalt roofs can be easily and effectively treated with this low cost system. An additional benefit of industrial waterproofing systems is the minimal disturbance to the operations within the building.

Liquid roofing systems encapsulate whatever surface they are applied to, meaning that whatever is underneath is preserved and protected from all weathers. Using a liquid coating for asbestos roofs is also advisable, as it seals in the asbestos, making the disturbance of the material which can trigger asbestosis much less likely.

Unlike other installation processes, liquid roofing involves no hot works which can present serious fire risks. Because the coating material used is applied cold, any fire risk is avoided, meaning that it is a much safer alternative to consider.

Desmopol Liquid Polyurethane Membrane

At All Seasons Industrial Roofing we use the market leading Desmopol Liquid Polyurethane Membrane, a new single ply system that is used as a protective coating on top of existing roofing. The Desmopol range of products are supplied in liquid format and produce even, elastic and completely waterproof membranes when applied to all types of surfaces. It can be installed in a single layer with excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces.

Its properties make it an excellent choice for achieving air-tightness and perfect waterproofing on a multitude of surfaces and substrates. It is applied manually, using a roller or brush and, exceptionally, using specific spray equipment. Desmopol holds an ETA Certification for 25 years life expectancy, making it an ideal solution for waterproofing new builds or restorations.

The BBA approved Desmopol Liquid Membrane comes in 25kg drums to be mixed with 2Lt tins of Accelerator. Pallet quantity 36 sets : 36 drums of 25kg + 36 tins of 2Lt Accelerator. It requires little work to apply with a roller and is self levelling. Desmopol Membrane must be mixed with the Accelerator and can be used directly on the substrate such as: plywood/OSB, asbestos, metal, lead, bitumen membranes, concrete, asphalt, masonry or brick walls.

Benefits of Desmopol Liquid Membrane
Quick and easy to apply
Only 1 layer has to be applied (although there is a top coat which can be applied to extend its life and durability)
Rapid curing and resistant to rain 30 minutes after application
Protects against corrosion, rust and wear
No seams or overlaps
High resistance to extreme temperatures from -40C to 80C & can be applied from -5C to 35C
CE marked & ETA certified for 25 years
High resistance to abrasion and high elasticity
Completely waterproof