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Telltale signs to look for on your industrial roof

As an established industrial roofing company we see thousands of industrial roofs every year in a great need of attention, and the fact is so many of these could have been prevented from falling into such a state had the owners known what telltale signs to look out for.

Here are the top few industrial roofing problems we seem to come across most regularly.

Many of the problems we have listed here will cause leakages in your roof, but you may not immediately think of it as the source of many other problems.

Damp areas or any discolouration on ceilings or walls can be an early sign of water leaking into your property, we would recommend you contact a roofing professional as soon as you can, even if you haven’t yet noticed a roofing problem at this stage.

Neglected Maintenance
Its very simple, but so many people neglect the basic task of inspecting their roofs on a regular basis.
Its a good idea to ensure you do this as you are then able to spot and rectify any issues before they can escalate.

We really do recommend that you try to keep up a regular routine of inspecting your roof and you’ll save yourself thousands in repiar bills.

Guttering that is full to the brim with any sort of debris can’t function as well as intended. Most damp,wood rot, and damaged brickwork is very often traced back to a blocked guttering system.
This is so easily prevented by having your gutters cleaned and checked regularly.

There really is not much you can do to stop wind, rain and snow affecting your roof, but you can make sure it is fully prepared for the seasons that are approaching.

We can’t stress enough that regular roof inspections really are vital to ensure leaks are repaired before the rain arrives, and any loose roofing materials you may have notice are firmly reattached and in place before the wind picks up.

Don’t leave all this to chance. Call a trusted expert like All Seasons and save yourself the time and money in the long run.