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MyBuilder is an online marketplace that brings together consumers, builders and tradesmen, offering an open and transparent platform that promotes and supports high-quality work. Posting a job on the site is free. Tradesmen and businesses that are listed on the website are very carefully selected by the team at MyBuilder to ensure they meet the high standards. There are plenty of tradesmen out there, but finding a good one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. MyBuilder take the hassle out of finding the right tradesman with their unique matchmaking system.There are no joining or membership fees, but a small charge when a job agreement has been made between a tradesman and customer.

Working on a principle of accountability through feedback, tradesmen are rated on their workmanship by those who hire them, making it easier to find high quality builders. Once a job is in progress, a bit of accountability goes a long way. MyBuilder’s feedback system ensures that tradesmen are rewarded for good work and held accountable for any problems. The tradesmen relish the opportunity to build an outstanding reputation on MyBuilder, and customers’ feedback makes that possible.

Starting out in a cold Bristol garage, MyBuilder was the dream of stonemason Ryan Notz who didn’t want to be “just another builder in the phonebook”. Inspired by Ryan’s first hand experience at how difficult it could be to find work and how hard it was for consumers to find trusted tradesmen, Ryan is now CEO of a growing business with offices based in Central London and networks across the country backed by a grouping of solid investors.

MyBuilder has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners choose the right builder for their project; and have ensured that thousands of tradesman all over the country have a steady stream of work.

All Seasons Industrial Roofing are very proud to be accredited by such a successful, growing business. More details about MyBuilder can be found on their website: