As we often like to point out your roof is your first line of defence against all that Mother Nature may throw at you. As a result there are many benefits of regularly cleaning your industrial roof.

What are the benefits of cleaning your industrial roof?

Roof maintenance and repair can be extremely costly, although much of the expenditure can be avoidable through regular checks and cleaning.

Regular cleaning will expose any damage or repairs that may need attention long before they get to be extremely costly. As debris begins to build up it becomes harder to see exactly the work that needs to be done and can mask issues that exist and in some cases make them worse and accelerate the process of decay.

Regular cleaning of your industrial or commercial roof will definitely make future cleaning easier and less expensive than if it is left for a long period of time. A clean roof will also aid the operation of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems too, allowing cool air to enter freely. In turn this helps to cut costs, often significantly.

You ideally want the surface temperature of your roof to remain low, maximising the lifespan of the membrane and again helping to keep costs aligned to the control of the temperature within the building manageable.

How do you go about cleaning your industrial or commercial roof?

  • Get the professionals in – The size and style of your roof will dictate exactly what process is required to clean your roof effectively. Employing professionals such as All Seasons Industrial Roofing to assess the work will result in a clean and well-maintained roofing system. It’s important that general debris, mold and algae is properly broken down and washed away. This requires products will high PH levels followed by a surface cleaner and solutions with high temperatures. The clean finish to the roof helps to prevent further issues, makes the roof look great and makes it easier to remove falling debris ongoing.
  • Use the right treatments – As we’ve alluded to above, certain products will help to achieve the right result. It’s important that the team undertaking the cleaning fully understand the products being used; many will comprise chemicals and work on the basis of certain reactions occurring to be effective.
  • Develop a regular cleaning programme – Once you’ve got your roof to the point of being clean then it’s time to complete the maintenance at regular intervals. You need roof inspections to be an ongoing process for the real value of cleaning your roof to be felt. The earlier potential problems are detected, the better.

The importance of regularly cleaning your industrial or commercial roof cannot be understated. It’s important to ensure that work is scheduled and planned in advance and at times of the year when it’s easier for teams to access and carry out cleaning of your roof. Ideally you’ll be looking at cleaning your roof at least annually but with general inspections carried out more frequently.

Need your roof cleaning?

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