The colour of your roof shingles can have a bigger impact on the look of your home than you may think. You’re probably stuck for choice with the amount of colours to choose from, however, your decision should be made wisely as the life span of asphalt shingles is usually around 30 to 40 years. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.


It is essential to assess your climate when choosing a shingle colour as this can affect the temperature in your attic by 20 to 40 degrees. Choosing dark coloured shingles is beneficial for a home in a cold climate as they will absorb the sunlight, this will lock in the heat to keep the house warm and also melt any snow or ice covering the roof. On the other hand, light coloured shingles will be useful if your house is situated in a warmer climate as the sunlight will be reflected keeping the house cooler inside.

The colour of your house

This is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a colour for your roof shingles as you will need to ensure that the house colour compliments the roof colour. Making the house look appealing from the outside is good as it can add value if you wish to sell it in the future. Here are a few colours that match well..

  • Brown shingles on a cream/tan/brown house
  • Slate/grey shingles on a white coloured house – this gives a really nice classic look.
  • Dark grey or black shingles with a blue or grey house
  • Dark brown shingles on a traditional bricked house
  • Coloured shingles (red/green/blue) tend to look best on a neutral coloured house so it doesn’t look too overstated.


What colour roofs do your close neighbours have? This is something to bear in mind when choosing a shingle colour as it could be practical to pick a colour which compliments your neighbours roof colours. It may be the norm on your street for all of the houses to have a brown roof. It is good to make sure that the colour of your roof looks nice next to the other houses around it as well as on its own.

Architectural design

If your house has a more complex architectural design it can be worthwhile checking out what colour shingles other types of houses this style have. Drive around your neighbourhood and look for houses which are similar to yours, what colour roof do they have? Looking at others can give you inspiration for your colour choice and also the shape that you pick. Spanish style homes look good with a reddish colour roof as it gives a more authentic traditional look.

Making sure that you pick the right colour is important as roof shingles will last a long time, you may even wish to repaint your home several times before you renew them so choose wisely!