Your roof may not be something that you tend to pay much attention to although giving it an inspection every now and again may save you some costly repair bills down the line. Quality roofing jobs last for years upon years but how do you know when the right time is to replace it?

It is important to look for interior signs that your roofing is damaged as this can mean the damage is more than just the surface of the roof. Some common signs of roof damage are patches on the ceiling where the roof is sagging, signs of water damage or leak, dark spots/trails and outside light showing through holes in the roof.

Checking over the exterior of the roof is just as important as the interior, it can be the first signs that there is damage to the roof.

Missing tiles or panels

Tiles and panels should not be able to be removed from the roof, if this happens it has usually deteriorated over time or from bad weather conditions. They can be repaired but it may be worth looking into a roof replacement if the problem occurs frequently.

Moss and mold

If your roof has moss or mold growing on it, it can cause the tiles to be pushed apart and allow water to get in. To prevent this, a chemical mold killer can be used.


Your roof should follow a straight line whether it is a gable roof, hip roof or a flat roof. If it shows signs of sagging there may be structural damage to the roof, it is important to get this checked before it becomes much worse.

Falling mortar

Mortar was used commonly years ago to hold the roof tiles to the roof. If there are pieces of falling mortar this could be an indication that the roof is reaching the end of its life, roof tiles will have nothing to keep them in place.

Age of the roof

Roofing doesn’t last a lifetime. When it is exposed to many bad weather conditions over the years, damage is bound to be caused. Typically, roofing should last around 15-20 years and then it needs replacing to reduce risks of structural damage. Our accreditor, The National Federation of Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), recommends that you should check your roof at least twice a year ideally in the spring and autumn months.

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