Given the recent tragic events of Grenfell Tower and subsequent investigation into the safety of the building cladding materials used, it comes as no surprise that many property owners are questioning the integrity of their own buildings.

Word has reached the media about the use of sub-standard building cladding materials being used on hundreds of social housing properties as the possible reason why the fire at Grenfell Tower spread so aggressively and caused so much devastation.

From industrial buildings to commercial offices, the key safety issues that have arisen from the devastating blaze are far reaching due to the popularity and wide-spread use of building cladding on a wide variety of social, commercial and industrial properties.

Current investigations into the flammable cladding panels and insulation installed to social housing properties have begun throughout England, Scotland and Wales, and for those with concerns over the safety of their own industrial or commercial properties, anxieties are growing.

All Seasons Industrial Roofing Limited is a well-established and reputable company servicing London and the Midlands. Members of the National Roofing Contractors Association, our professional and highly skilled team are on hand to alleviate any fears you may have on the safety of your building cladding.

Our specialist team are on hand to conduct inspections and rigorous tests into the safety and flammability of any building cladding materials present and to offer expert advice and solutions on how to safeguard your commercial or industrial property.

The in-depth knowledge of All Seasons on the suitability and safety of building cladding materials and our experience in advising, selecting and installing the very best solutions that strictly adhere to all building safety regulations can provide you with total peace of mind if you are concerned about the integrity of your current building cladding.

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