How high on your list of priorities is maintaining your commercial property’s roof? You may have recently had a new roof installed or done repairs to bring it up to standard but that doesn’t mean it should stop there.

Scheduled maintenance

However new your roof is it’s important to ensure that you have regular maintenance scheduled to be carried out on it. To use an analogy, it’s unlikely that you’d would drive your car around up to the point that it breaks down. You’d look to pre-empt any issues by carrying out regular checks throughout the year.

Benefits of regular maintenance

Regularly maintaining your commercial property’s roof has many benefits, both long and short term. It helps to keep smaller issues at bay such as clogged drains from becoming a larger problem. Keeping the smaller jobs in check goes a long way to ensuring that your roof continues to perform well for longer offering a greater return on investment, something that all businesses strive to achieve.

How regular is regular?

As a rule of thumb you should be inspecting your roof at least twice a year. Ideally the best times are in Spring and Autumn. A Spring inspection will highlight any issues that may have arisen during winter whilst an inspection in the autumn will ensure that you’re ready for all that the colder months have to throw at you.

It’s good working practice for the inspections to be carried out by the contractor who installed the roof but if this is not possible contact an expert, such as All Seasons Industrial Roofing. It’s also a good idea for a visual inspection to be carried out in conjunction with the owner of the builder and of the business if the premises are rented or leased. Visual inspections don’t usually take too long but should keep any potential horrors at bay.

Trust the professionals

Maintaining your commercial property’s roof should most definitely not be something to ignore. If the inspections subsequently show up any work that needs to be done it’s important to complete the work using an approved and qualified contractor. If your roof carries with it any form of warranty it’s possible that this may become void if you choose to carry out work on your own.

The last thing you need as a business owner is a nasty surprise where your roof is concerned. For any questions or advice you may need about maintaining your commercial property’s roof don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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