As if decisions regarding your roof aren’t overwhelming enough, we’re about to throw another into the mix – roof colour. So, once you’ve decided to actually go ahead and choose materials and arrange installation details now you need to choose a colour!

Why is it important?

Keeping things simple we’re going to look at the merits or installing either a black or white roof. Each has its own range of benefits that are worth considering. Your roof colour can impact on lifespan, energy efficiency and general performance. So, what considerations should you take into account?

  • Climate
  • Insulation
  • Winds
  • Budget

Black is back!

So under what circumstances should you plump for black? If you live in a colder climate a black roof may be the best choice. Black roof colour systems absorb radiant heat and don’t reflect sunlight as a white roof does. The benefit of this is that moisture will evaporate quickly and effectively. Black roofing tends to be very durable, particularly if systems like EPDM are used, and during winter months aids the thawing process for ice, frost and snow. The knock on effect may mean that heating costs are reduced due to the performance of your roof.

Brilliant white

As a counterpoint to the benefits of a black roofing system, a white roof colour will help to keep surface temperatures lower by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat significantly. In warmer climates or densely populated areas, where energy is used to keep buildings cool, a white roof can help to keep costs down. Lower surface heat generally helps to ensure the durability of your roof, although of course, other factors may also be at work.

General maintenance

Unfortunately neither roof colour completely circumvents the needs for regular general maintenance. Performance can only be optimised if your roof is kept clean and in good shape. If you allow your roof to remain unattended for long periods of time, benefits such as absorption or reflection may be compromised considerably. A scheduled programme of general maintenance should ensure that your roof is durable and reliable for many years to come.

Black or white?

Making that final choice of roof colour should be made on the merits of the building it will be protecting specifically. Matching the needs of the structure to the systems available should lead you to make the right call. Your roofing system is one of the most costly and critical components in any building investment, so you should take the necessary time required to get it spot on. If you need any help, be sure to give us a call at All Seasons Industrial Roofing.