Have you got everything in place ahead of the big day? Are the stockings in place above the fireplace awaiting the arrival of Santa? Last minute shopping aside you might be pretty certain that you’re as ready as you’re ever likely to be, but is your roof ready for Santa?

Santa Claus is coming to your roof!

Of course everyone is well aware of the degree of the task facing Santa on Christmas Eve but lets just puts things into perspective here.

He travels around 75.5 million miles distributing presents, travelling at the amazing rate of around 650 miles per second. Assuming that he gives himself the maximum amount of time to complete his task by travelling in line with the rotation of the Earth from East to West, it leaves him around 31 hours.

Visiting around 108 million homes, this means he has to drop gifts off at 968 addresses every single second!

But, what has all this got to do with your roof?

To carry all the presents, the sleigh is loaded with in excess of 600,000 tonnes, which needs to be propelled to 650 miles per second in around 0.001 seconds. That’s some serious G force!

Santa’s crack team of reindeer comprising Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, if we take average reindeer weight as being around 150kg, collectively weigh in at around 1200kg or 2650lbs.

So, that’s 600,000 tonnes of sleigh and 2650lbs of reindeer arriving on your roof at a speed of around 650 miles per second!! Still think your roof is ready for Santa?

Load bearing capacity

Your roof is comprised mainly of two main parts. There’s the external material and the internal structure that supports the roof and holds it in place. Whatever weight the internal structure can support is the load bearing capacity.

The internal structure already needs to support the materials and other items that may sit on top of the roof, aided by the load bearing walls which in turn transfer weight to the foundations of the building.

Quite apart from the visit of Santa, it’s important that you are aware of the load bearing capacity of your roof particularly if you are an industrial or commercial building that may also have things like air conditioning units to accommodate too.

Increasing the load bearing capacity of a roof is not an easy thing to do. To do this may require reinforcing foundations, rebuilding load bearing walls and installing extra ridge beams as well as the expert advice of a structural engineer.

But, there are only 3 sleeps until Christmas!

As far as Santa’s impending visit is concerned, we at All Season’s Industrial Roofing would advise you not to panic. How he does it, we don’t know but Santa has been providing his amazing service for thousands of years and we’re not aware of the sleigh or reindeer causing any problems up to now! Our advice for proper preparation for Christmas would be –

  • Better watch out
  • Better not pout
  • Better not cry

Merry Christmas!!!!