Your roof’s battle with the elements is a 24/7 ongoing conflict. Whether you are in or out, awake or asleep, your roof is doing battle with the weather. The very nature of the UK’s weather system ensures that our roofs experience all that nature can throw at them, so being ready for everything is essential rather than optional.

Ponding water

Perhaps the greatest threat to the integrity of your roof is water, particularly ponding or pooling water. Water that has remained on your roof for a period of more than 48 hours after rainfall, is referred to as ponding. Not only can this stagnant water be deemed a threat to your property but it could also be harmful to your health.

Ponding occurs on a roof that may be too flat to allow for water to drain away properly. Your roof may have initially been installed incorporating a slope, but this could have been eroded away over time. Ponding will occur at the point that the roof is too flat, allowing the water to stand and stagnate.

The issue of ponding water is only the beginning. It can find its way into every crack or imperfection of your structure, weakening everything as it goes and compromising the potential life span of your roof the longer it is allowed to continue.

Health fears

It’s certainly something that requires action sooner rather than later, ponding water could also end up being the perfect habitat for algae to develop, mixing with other elements that can exist within it such as rotting foliage and bird faeces. The knock on effect can impact on the air quality within a home or premises, a health risk for all who encounter it.

Tapered insulation?

One potential way to combat ponding water is through tapered insulation.  When installed correctly tapered insulation can provide a gradual low slope to the surface of your roof, helping with essential drainage. It works to eliminate the issue of ponding water and the related hazards associated with it.

Tapered insulation can be effective and economical, taking advantage of environmentally friendly and recycled materials in the process. It can be used for built up modified bitumen and also some single-ply roofing systems.

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