Most industrial and commercial roofing systems will develop damage throughout their lifespan although they are designed for long-term performance.

This can occur when the roofing isn’t installed properly or being maintained correctly. When looking to fix damaged industrial roofing, there are four choices: replace, recover, repair, or recoat.


Some issues with commercial roofing can be minor and easily repaired instead of being replaced. This is a lot more cost effective if you want to keep your costs to a minimum. Roof repair is also a clever idea if the roof membrane is in good condition and hasn’t yet met its life expectancy or if the roof has good insulation. Roofing repair is less costly than roof replacement and extends the life of the roof.


Roof replacement isn’t needed for all damaged roofing, if it is still in good condition and has been well-installed then an effective solution is to recover. Most industrial roofing systems have only one roof membrane and if this is where the roofing is damaged then it can be easily recovered by laying a new membrane over the top of it. However, a roof can only be re-covered once. Roof recovery is mainly used when the roof hasn’t previously been recovered and the membrane is coming to end of its life. If the roof insulation has also reached its life expectancy then it would be better to replace it but if it is still in good condition then recovery is a much cheaper option. Roofing recovery can be beneficial as new extended warranties are now available and it requires less work than a full roof replacement.


If the roofing damage is too extensive or it has already been recovered then it would be a lot better to get a full roof replacement. If the roofing insulation is deteriorating or suffering from water damage and if 25% or more of the roof is damaged then the roofing needs to be replaced. Replacement offers a long-term solution and is best for roofs that are reaching the end of their lives. This is also more beneficial to the owner of the building if they are planning on keeping the building for a long time as it is least likely to have problems and can increase energy savings.


Coating is used on industrial roofing to extend its life and prevent any damage from occurring. This is a popular solution as it gives extra protection from leaks, saves energy by reflecting heat and UV away from the building as well as keeping the building cooler on the inside. It is a cost-effective solution that also improves the aesthetics of the roofing system.

At All Seasons Industrial Roofing, we can provide all of these solutions for your industrial roofing. Depending on the type of damage, we can give you our expert advice whether it is best to be repaired, recovered, replaced or coated. A professional roof inspection can save money and ensure the performance and life of your roof for time to come. Contact us here  for more information now.