You may have heard about all kinds of technology, but roofing technology? Maybe not! But, you might be surprised to learn that technology hasn’t passed the roofing industry by, indeed it’s impacting the way we go about our business on a daily basis.

In construction generally, buildings are becoming smarter, lighter and in some cases capable of creating their own energy. For any of this to happen, all aspects of a structure need to be able to interact or compliment each other perfectly. It means that to stay at the cutting edge of the industry you have to stay right up to date with the latest in technology and development.

Advancements in roofing technology

You might not be surprised to learn that iPads and tablets are now used extensively amongst field employees within the roofing industry. If all that they do is to optimise the flow of communication between a business and its customers, then that already offers advancements in efficiency and level of customer service. The truth is that they provide much more than that!

As new innovations in building materials and better methods for installing projects emerge, it is likely that the use of drones in the roofing industry will increase. As well as the health and safety aspect drones can offer outstanding access to areas that may be difficult to reach and can provide documentary evidence to prove the need for a specific renovation or process. There’s also an argument for webcams to be installed to allow for constant monitoring of the state of an area that hitherto may remain unchecked for months or even years.

Some companies are now using infrared scanning to detect problems with moisture, coupled with advanced software programs that can provide in-depth inspection reports and analysis.

Back to the future

However, whist there cannot be any room for resistance to change, this is one industry where we still need to be mindful of the past. Over centuries roofers have found and developed innovative and ingenious methods for keeping the rain from our heads. Many of the materials and techniques used throughout the decades are still prevalent and the yardstick for what we do today.

We will continue to strive for the perfect marriage of tradition and technology, merging the tried and trusted of the past with the innovation of today to find solutions and durability for that age old issue of keeping the elements at bay.

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