A metal roof? Whatever next! But, modern metal roofing systems are lightweight, easy to install and a cost effective method for keeping the elements at bay. They are watertight, airtight and have a long lifespan.

But, what are the benefits of metal?

Sustainability – Sustainability is a watchword across many industries these days and roofing is no different. Metal roofing systems are great because they incorporate a high recycled content. They are also durable, low maintenance and energy efficient. Indeed, metal is now first choice material for most roofing projects.

Aesthetics – The appearance of a metal roof can be particularly striking. It represents a clean and versatile choice, available in a wide range of colours and profiles. Many designers enjoy working with metal due to its flexibility and ability to tie in with the styling of almost any project.

Installation efficiency – Construction using metal can be very fast, with many components manufactured remotely and transferred to the site complete. The quicker a building can be completed, the quicker a developer or owner can begin to receive returns on their investment. The environmental impact can be kept to a minimum making the process as green as possible.

Although the use of metal in roofing in not particularly a new idea, it has been developed and improved over the years. The increasing demands of modern architecture have meant that such things as thermal performance and measurement of how airtight a building is are extremely important. Where metal cladding and roofing systems are employed and installed correctly, they actually outperform regulatory standards. Metal roofing is also flexible in terms of being weather tight, providing the ability to meet the demands of any kind of building or area.

There’s no doubting that metal roofing is an excellent option for any new development or repair. Beyond the benefits detailed above is the fact that it is hardwearing, offering great protection for many years. That said, as with any kind of structure battling the elements constantly it’s imperative that an effective, managed inspection and maintenance schedule is put in place.