With autumn now officially up and running, it’s a good time to think about the trees and leaves that are in close proximity to your property. Nothing says autumn like a trail of beautiful, fallen, golden leaves but unfortunately the effect may not be so great for your roof!

Prevention rather than cure

As with most things connected to maintenance, prevention is most definitely better than cure. Trees and leaves can cause costly damage to your roof, which can in the most part be prevented. There are a few things you can do to protect your roof.

  • Overhanging branches – If you have branches that hang over your roof they could be constantly scraping and gouging the shingles through repeated brushing against them. If there are stray pieces lying on the ground, this is a telltale sign that this is occurring and should not be ignored. It’s important to regularly trim any overhanging branches in order to keep them away from your roof.
  • Clearing fallen leaves – Fallen leaves and pine needles can pose a very real threat to your roof. However much branch trimming you do leaves and needles can still find their way into areas that can do damage. Once they accumulate they can lock in moisture causing premature deterioration. You may also notice some signs of mold or black algae appear on your shingles that will also cause deterioration.
  • Unstable trees – As winter approaches it’s worth checking for any unstable trees with potential to drop branches or even topple over completely. Clues that a tree may be diseased include rotting branches, holes in the tree or mushrooms surrounding it.
  • Work to ensure the health of your good trees – Apart from the aesthetical value of trees in your garden, healthy species can actually be beneficial to your roof. Strategically placed trees can block summer sun, keeping the roof shaded, helping to avoid heat damage. Healthy trees can also offer a shield against high winds that can also cause damage to roofs.

It’s important to note how features within your garden can impact on each other. As the seasons change, so the potential issues can change too. Working to pre-empt any problems can help to save a lot of time and money but you can’t always foresee every problem that may arise. If you’re in need of any help to repair a damaged roof, please get in touch with us here at All Seasons Industrial Roofing.