Repairing roof leaks is often quite straightforward. Determining the source of the leak can be a far more difficult task! It’s an easy mistake to make to assume that the area that leaks penetrate is the point of origin.

Your roof is designed to be the first line of defence against the elements. Whether it be rain, snow, sleet or hail, the aim is to ensure your roof can withstand the wear and tear that the elements will repeatedly throw at it. And, it should be able to do so, year after year after year.

Locating the source

Your roof should certainly be able to deal with attempted water intrusions. However, should any develop into leaks, the biggest problem is often determining the source. When customers identify a drip in the ceiling the obvious assumption is that the issue is in exactly the same place as the leak. Plumbing or air conditioning leaks can often be misdiagnosed as a rook leak and this can be tricky to disprove initially. It might also be that the source of the leak has actually travelled down a rafter or simply be due to the accumulation of condensation.

However, there are many possible causes of leaks in your roof. Having a good grasp of all the possible causes gives you a head start in uncovering the source although it often results in a simple process of elimination. Obviously All Seasons Industrial Roofing are only a phone call away should you require assistance with your investigation!

So, what are some of the main causes of roof leaks? Here are a few examples:

  • Missing, loose or cracked shingles, tiles or seams
  • Debris, which having built up traps moisture
  • Exposed nail heads
  • Ponding water
  • Deteriorating or damaged flashing, caulking and seals
  • Poor loft ventilation, causing moisture to build through condensation
  • Skylight flashing issues
  • Wind driven rain
  • Badly installed valleys, flashing, collars or shingles


No need for a rain dance

If you suspect you may have a problem with leaks, you don’t necessarily have to wait for rain before you are able to investigate. If you have an idea where the source of the leak might be, one option is to try and bring a hose up to the roof and run water over the affected area. There’s no need to pour lots of water over it, just enough that should help to establish where the weakness lies. If it’s possible, it’s useful to have a helper positioned on the other side with a torch. Water will be reflected by the light, which should make it easier to see.

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