Having a roof repaired or replaced on your commercial building can seem like a daunting task. Aside from cost, how are you supposed to know if you are being treated fairly and if the estimate you are receiving is complete? So what should you expect from a commercial roofing estimate exactly?

First, you should anticipate that the roofing company will want to conduct an inspection.  It is unfair to expect any form of estimate without allowing for time and opportunity to assess your current roof situation.  Some roofing contractors may choose to conduct their inspection either on the roof or via drones.

At All Seasons Industrial Roofing we offer drone roof inspections to all aspects of your industrial or commercial building. The latest drone roof survey technology now makes roof inspections much faster, safer and delivered at a lower cost and our pilots can quickly gather detailed information about the roof areas of any building including difficult to reach areas and gutters. The data can be supplied as high-resolution images or 4k video.

Second, give the contractor some time to prepare that estimate.  There are some contractors who are comfortable doing an “on the spot” quote, but we prefer to take the time to ensure it is a complete and full estimate.

Elements of a Commercial Roofing Estimate

Materials:  Exactly what type of materials, including manufacturer, is the contractor planning to use?  Like cars, there is a wide variety in quality and cost between different manufacturers.  A good commercial contractor may even prepare you options between XYZ and ABC manufacturers on the same type of roofing system.

Labour:  Some contractors choose to include the cost of labour within the materials portion while others choose to make this a separate line item.

Protection:  Again, some contractors include the cost involved in protecting your property and business from damage within their overall cost projection.  Other contractors choose to show this as a separate line item on their estimate.  Either is fine, but it is important that you clarify the steps that will be taken to protect your existing business while that roof is being replaced.

Warranty: This area is important. Your estimate should include a written outline of the warranty offered, both in terms of materials and labour and you should anticipate paying more for a really great long-term warranty that includes ongoing maintenance. Think of it as insurance for that roofing investment.

Timeline: Your estimate should include the timeframe anticipated to complete the job. Roofing contractors are subject to the variations of weather or supply chain interruptions to a greater extent than many other industries.  That timeframe is an estimate based on past experience.

Payment Due Dates:  Many large projects allow for payments to be made through the project completion.  If that is the case with your commercial roofing project, your estimate should include the exact date each payment is due, along with terms for non-compliance by either party.

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