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Avoidable mistakes with industrial roofing projects

Avoidable mistakes with industrial roofing projects All Seasons Industrial Roofing

Your industrial roof is a vital part of your business. It is one of the biggest investments to your company, ensuring the safety of not only your staff and customers, but holding all your valuable assets. Any disruption to this can be detrimental to the ongoing success of your business and needs to be managed and maintained appropriately to avoid any costly downtime to your business. Our latest article explores the avoidable mistakes with industrial roofing projects, to ensure any problems can be dealt with before escalating into irretrievable hardship and costly, expensive errors.

Delaying replacing your roof

Damage to your industrial roof that has gone unaddressed can also impact the structural stability of your entire building and, in the worst-case scenario, even lead to a complete roof collapse. One of the most devastating risks of avoiding a long-overdue industrial roof replacement, for example, is the possibility of creating a fire hazard as structural elements fail, water gets into cables and outlets, and damaged breakers and electrical appliances run the risk of sparking and igniting. Delaying because of the initial costs can lead to far greater financial hardship if left.

Using the wrong materials

When you opt to work with trained and certified industrial roofing specialists, this shouldn’t be a problem for you, but it is still important to be aware. Not all roofing materials are made equally and using a professional will ensure the latest, sturdiest and most efficient materials are used for your specific needs.

Choosing the wrong contractors

A common but costly mistake is not doing your research when choosing an industrial roofing contractor. It’s very important to verify the license credentials of the roofer your use, they should be a genuine member of trusted builders association and always remember to ask your roofing contracted for an insurance certificate (under their name) before you start working on the project. Accidents are very common to occur at workplace and you can never be liable for such mishaps. Hence it is very important that any roofing company should hold general liability and worker compensation insurance policy.

No regular maintenance

We know remembering to schedule your bi-yearly or quarterly roofing inspections can be a pain to remember, you have plenty of other things going on. But, your roof is one thing you do not want to let fall to the wayside. Forgetting a roofing inspection and delaying necessary maintenance by even a few weeks can cause a minor problem to become a really big one. Schedule your inspections and maintenance ahead of time so you never let one slip through the cracks.

Resolving to Do It Yourself

Not working with a professional and aiming to do your industrial roofing yourself, could not only be costly but also dangerous.No matter how handy you are, this is a dangerous way to go and will break many regulations. Businesses need to have a professional service on their public buildings, so unless you are a professional roofer on the side, doing your own work is often illegal. Without the professional touch, major problems in the execution of the roof repair can lead to collapses and other mishaps which could endanger your employees and set you up for costly legal cases.

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