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Can heat damage your roof?

Can heat damage your roof All Seasons Industrial Roofing

It’s not just the cold and the rain of winter months that can cause damage to your roof, the blistering heat of summer can lead to substantial wear and tear, which in turn can cause lots of issues to form that you may not even be aware of. For industrial roofs, summer can bring problems due to extreme heat and high humidity which places strain on its structure and materials. Heat damage to your roof can be hard to identify, but to prevent long-term problems, it’s important to perform inspections during the summer and to have a professional company like All Seasons Industrial Roofing make regular evaluations.

Materials that cover your industrial roof are susceptible to negative impacts from exposure to sunlight over time. UV light from the sun will degrade materials over time. Asphalt and tar are particularly susceptible to UV radiation, which slowly alters the chemical make-up of these petroleum-based materials. During this breakdown, some of the oily moisture evaporate, and the resulting material becomes more brittle and prone to cracking and tearing – which can lead to energy inefficiency and water leaks.


Direct sun can cause dry rot of roofing materials. Over time, the heat will cause the oils in the materials that keep them supple to evaporate, leaving them dry and brittle. This may cause leaks, energy loss as cool or warm air moves through the cracks, and overtime, cause collapse.

Sun damage

Sun does more than cause sunburns on your skin, it can also degrade your roofing materials. Bleaching, burning, and causing the shingles or other materials to become brittle. Luckily, a lot of roofing materials are made to take the heat, but wood and shingles can be prone to damage and overtime, all materials will degrade.

Thermal shock

As the sun beats down on your roof, it can reach high temperatures in the day. When the sun sets, the temperature rapidly drops with no direct sunlight to heat it up. We call this thermal shock, and it causes your roof to expand and contract. Over time, it will cause warping and cracks.

Maintain your roofing all year round

The best way to maintain your roof and ensure any heat damage is repaired without delay is to book regular roofing inspections and our experienced contractors can look after your industrial roof to ensure it remains in good condition all year round.

The extremes of weather can severely affect how your roof functions. Regardless of if the weather involves high amounts of rain or heat, you need to make sure that you know what to do about it. For further information on heat damage to your roof, please contact us here: London Office | Midlands Office

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