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Eco-friendly roofing options 

Eco friendly roofing options All Seasons Industrial Roofing

Although we all have a responsibility to take steps to counter climate change, this may not be the first thing to spring to mind when it comes to replacing your commercial roof. Cost is always at the top of our list and you may not be aware that by choosing an eco friendly option you may save money for your business in the short and long term if you choose the right materials for your roofs thermal performance. Our latest article offers you some advice on varying materials for eco-friendly roofing options which you may not have considered.

What exactly is an eco-friendly roof?

An eco-friendly roof is a roof made of either recycled materials or natural resources. A few common eco-friendly roofing materials are recycled shingles, wood shake shingles, or metal roofing but it is worth noting that not all reusable materials are sustainably sourced, but they can still be eco-friendly because of their recyclability.

Slate roof tiles

Slate roofs can serve you hundreds of years as slate is one of the sturdiest natural roofing materials around. Installing recycled slate roofing is more eco-friendly than ordering brand new slate tiles and It’s also possible to get synthetic slate shingles, which are made with reusable rubber and plastic, or even from recycled tyres.

Metal roofing

This is a popular choice whilst also offering the option of metal cladding, which can also be laid on top of an existing roof to protect it. The greatest advantage to the environment when installing a metal roof is that it can be recycled after it’s removed. In addition, the material itself includes at least some recycled material, and since they have an average lifespan of 30-50 years, they require fewer replacements.

Gravel roof

These sustainable roofs have already caused a revolution in the building industry. The material is made from gravel and glue. This combination is perfect for sunlight reflection and heat reduction. Furthermore, it will provide you with the chance to reduce electricity consumption because you won’t need to use air condition during hot summer days.

Solar panels

Perhaps the most obvious roof which springs to mind when we say eco-friendly roofs is solar panels. Industrial buildings offer straightforward roof spaces which are ideal for solar panels and businesses can significantly reduce their overheads by generating their own electricity from solar energy. They are excellent choices for commercial buildings and are noiseless with minimal maintenance costs.

Clay roof

If you want to purchase a reliable environmentally friendly roofing material, you definitely need to have a look at clay tiles. First of all, they are completely recyclable and extremely durable and have been traditionally used for roofing for centuries, plus today’s products are manufactured much more efficiently than in the past, which results in higher quality and lower environmental impact.

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