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Asbestos Roof Repairs

Asbestos Roof Repairs through installing an over-roofing system, is an alternative cost effective solution to removing and disposing of the roof completely.

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The patented FILON® Over-Roofing system has been proven in countless diverse applications throughout the UK and Ireland – from factories and industrial units to leisure centres, retail stores and local authority housing.

Over Roofing

Utilising durable profiled GRP sheets, it is designed to provide a quick, trouble free and economical solution for a new waterproof skin over the existing roof.

Whatever the condition of the existing roof, Filon Over-Roofing is the trouble-free solution, with little disruption to building occupants.

Typically, overcladding is carried out when an existing asbestos roof is deemed beyond repair, is not practical to carry out a strip and re-sheet, or if the removal of asbestos waste is not financially suitable for your budget.

Fast, easy installation

FILON’s Over-Roofing System is supplied to match most existing roof profiles. The patented Profix spacer is unique and is designed for easy installation.

The economical solution

Low-cost Filon Over-Roofing saves on-site time to further reduce installation costs.

Asbestos and metal profiles

Most asbestos cement roof profiles can be matched, as well as many metal trapezoidal profiles.


No chemical reaction with other established building products.

Standard colours

Cement Grey is the standard colour. Other colours can be made available dependant on quantity required.

Minimal weight – no planning requirement

Filon Over-Roofing is very lightweight yet strong and is manufactured to the same profile as the existing roof. It therefore requires no additional structural supports.

Minimal disruption on-site

Fixed from the outside, FILON Over-Roofing allows total roof refurbishment to be carried out with minimal disruption to building occupants.

Installation costs are minimised

FILON Over-Roofing is a one-fix system, providing significant savings on installation time.

No asbestos handling or disposal problems

FILON Over-Roofing eliminates considerable costs and landfill taxes implemented when asbestos has to be removed.

Improved insulation

Glass fibre quilt can be incorporated into the system to improve whole roof insulation values.


Proven in use

FILON Over-Roofing has been proven in hundreds of applications around the UK, for clients including: British Steel; Royal Mail; Granada TV; Jewsons; Rolls Royce; Comet; Marks & Spencer and many, many more.

Considerably extends the life of the building

FILON Over-Roofing can make building refurbishment a cost-effective alternative to redevelopment with guarantees of up to 30 years depending on the sheet weight selected. For more information please discuss the project with our Technical Services Department.


Supplied in lengths required for individual applications up to 12m. Filon Over-Roofing can be laid as one sheet from ridge to eaves over existing end laps, simplifying fixing and minimising laps on the new over-roof.


Machine-made adjustable two-piece plain winged ridge flashings and plain edged crown units are available. Hand made profile crown ridge units and turned down eaves units can be made available.


Maximum 100mm quilt fibreglass mat can be used underneath the system, using the Profix 60 spacer. Other forms of insulation such as Multi-foils could be considered and offer excellent insulation values. Clarification as to their use for any particular project should be sought from the manufacturer of the insulation foils as to suitability.


The upgraded system brings compliance with the new Building Regulations. Proven in countless diverse applications throughout the UK, the patented Filon over-roofing system has been subject to further development to provide improved thermal insulation. The upgraded system falls in line with new initiatives to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

If your looking for more information on Asbestos Roof Repairs then please contact us at one of our offices below and we will happily carry out a survey of your property and offer the best solution for you.