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Industrial Roof Maintenance

A roof is the most essential part to any industrial or commercial building, and they require proper specialist care in order to last.

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At All Seasons Industrial Roofing we understand the importance of roof maintenance through regular checks and cleaning.

Our team of professionals offer a first-class industrial and commercial roof maintenance service, including annual contracts to inspect the roof for any potential issues or damage, clean out gutters, and other areas at a competitive price.

In order to effectively maintain your roof, you should have it inspected at least once a year, and after any severe weather and storms to make sure it has no major damage. If you have your roof inspected annually, you are more likely to detect any problems early, enabling you to carry out the appropriate maintenance as soon as possible.

Early Detection

With early detection, a leak or damage to your roof can result in only minor repairs and minimal costs to your business. If you wait or do not get your roof inspected when a leak is first noticed, the damage to the roof can spread, or cause other flooding or mould damage inside. Leaky roofs are a common source of mould and mildew in industrial or commercial structures, and once the mould spores have attached to the inside of your building, your problem becomes much greater than a small hole in your roof. By getting a roof inspection, you’re able to detect and stop these leaks early, reducing your chances that you will have a mould problem later on.

Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Another major benefit of roof maintenance s is that it allows you to detect small problems unrelated to leaks before they become more significant. Flashings that are deteriorating, curbs that are splitting, and many other issues can be identified by performing effective roof inspections. Fixing these problems when they are small is exponentially less expensive than waiting until they grow into major problems.

Neglecting your roof can cause it to rapidly deteriorate. Issues such as leaks can damage the structure and underlying support, which can cause an array of problems and potentially harm electrical systems. If there are no visible signs of water, there is still the threat of moisture which can cause severe rot and damp, thus reducing air quality for your employees and stock. If damp turns to ice, structural cracks can occur, which will cost to repair.

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If your looking for more information on Industrial & Commercial Roof Maintenance then please contact us at one of our offices below and we will happily carry out a survey of your property and offer the best solution for you.