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Industrial Roof Surveys

We provide both physical and drone industrial roof surveys to asses the building for any damage. The surveys can also be used for insurance claims, dilapidation purposes and property purchases throughout the UK.

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We can undertake condition surveys on all types of industrial and commercial buildings, including built-up felt, synthetic single ply, mastic asphalt, liquid applied membranes, built-up and composite panel cladded roofs, tiles and slated roofs.

Upon instruction we will inspect your property at a convenient time and examine all aspects of your roof, consider the problematic areas and propose the right solution to meet the needs of the building and that of each roof area.

We will provide a detailed report on the state of your roof and gutters including photographic evidence and options to repair, refurbish or replace.

Our experienced team have worked on a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings including warehouses, factories, offices, retail units, schools, hospitals and other large properties.

Assessing Roof Storm Damage for Insurance Claims

Surveys are also useful if you’ve suffered storm damage. We can assess any damage – no matter how minor and help you if you’re submitting an insurance claim for necessary repairs. You’ll find us fast and efficient in dealing with your roof survey enquiry, providing an estimate, performing the survey and compiling the roof survey report.

Drone Roof Inspections

At All Seasons Industrial Roofing we offer drone roof inspections to all aspects of your industrial or commercial building. Surveying the roof of large a building effectively can be a time consuming, expensive, and  risky job.

The latest drone roof survey technology now makes roof inspections much faster, safer and delivered at a lower cost. Our pilots can quickly gather detailed information about the roof areas of any building including difficult to reach areas and gutters. The data can be supplied as high-resolution images or 4k video.

Advantages of drone roof inspections

  • More accurate and collects comprehensive data
  • Video / photographic evidence
  • Drones offer much safer roof inspections
  • Can get into difficult areas to view
  • Saves you money
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Incredibly fast inspections

Latest technology

We take our time to ensure your property is thoroughly surveyed and tested allowing us to be certain you are in receipt of a full and accurate report. We provide you with the foundation to make the best possible decisions for changes to your roofing system. This means we minimise all chances for mistakes, saving you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs and refurbishments on your new or refurbished roof.

Reduce Safety Risks

Apart from the ease and technology, one of the biggest advantages of choosing drone roof inspections is the safety aspect. Traditionally a competent roofer would need to erect ladders/scaffolding and scale the building to assess the roof whilst taking photos manually and making notes. Strong winds or bad weather could easily make this dangerous and the risk of falling increases. Drone roof inspections completely eliminates this risk and is a recognised safe method of working at height which can now be carried out quickly with very little delays.

Cost Effective Aerial Imagery

Drone roof inspections do not require processes within the commercial property to cease. Work can carry on as normal meaning disruption to your business is limited. Sometimes, when a roof survey is carried out without the use of a drone, business needs to be temporarily shut down which can cost you money in lost productivity. This doesn’t happen with a drone survey leaving work to continue as pilots only require a clear line of sight for the drone’s destination.

Accurate Unbiased Reporting

The nature of drone roof inspections means that the entire operation is recorded from start to finish. You are able to evaluate the footage yourself for complete peace of mind and can easily see areas of concern, issues with the roof and ultimately, any work that need to be done to fix the problem.

If your looking for more information on Industrial & Commercial Roof Surveys then please contact us at one of our offices below and we will happily carry out a survey of your property and offer the best solution for you.