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Industrial Roof Cladding

Supply and fit of industrial roof cladding to a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings.

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We supply and fit both Kingspan and Tata manufactured Industrial Roof Cladding to a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings which not only protects the building but also increases the value of the property quite substantially.

Industrial roof cladding comes in a variety of forms such as tile sheet, traditional corrugated, 34/1000 or composite panel. We will take time to understand your needs and then recommend the best roof cladding type for your industrial or commercial roof. We ensure the roof cladding e will give your roof increased protection from the elements while protecting the things inside the building.

In the past many industrial and commercial buildings may have needed a new roof but now roof overcladding can give your roof a new lease of life, prolonging its lifespan, causing less disruption than replacing it totally and at a lower cost. 

What is roof overcladding?

Roof cladding is essentially an extra layer on top of your existing roof which acts as a waterproof seal for the property, which in turn keeps the elements out and those inside warm and dry. Roof cladding can come in a variety of different materials and here at All Seasons Industrial Roofing we only use the best material supplied by both Kingspan and Tata Steels.

The benefits of Industrial Roof Overcladding

Quick and Easy to Install

Industrial roof overcladding is a relatively quick and easy to install solution compared to other strip and renew coatings ensuring minimum disruption for businesses.


Roof cladding can provide insulation to your roof that will help regulate the internal temperature, provide an added bonus of fire resistance (depending on the type) and offers an extra layer of soundproofing for those businesses which create a level of noise.

Weather Protection

Roof cladding provides protection from all elements of weather.  Not only is roof cladding a waterproof layer that prevents moisture build-up in your roof’s surface but it can also provide additional internal protection with the right roofing materials. Excess sun, rain, wind and sub-zero temperatures can play havoc with industrial and commercial roofing, and problems can occur without the extra layer of roof cladding. Extreme weather can penetrate roofs, cause cut edge corrosion and generally deteriorate your roof. 

Longer Life

Roof cladding is capable of extending the life of a roof for up to 30 years and is also a great medium-to-long-term roof improvement solution. By installing roof cladding, you can save on roof maintenance and repair costs in the long-run and significantly increase the lifespan of the roof.


Not only is roof cladding practical its also aesthetically pleasing on the eye. It can completely transform the overall look of any roof and can be coated to match the existing aesthetic of your building.

If your looking for more information on Indsutrial Roof Overcladding then please contact us at one of our offices below and we will happily carry out a survey of your property and offer the best solution for you.