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Waterproof Roof Coatings

Many roofs nearing the end of their useful life have had their life expectancy considerably extended by the application of a quality industrial roof waterproofing system incorporating a solar reflective finish.

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Porous roof sheeting, ‘tired’ felt or asphalt roofs can be easily and effectively treated with this low-cost system. An additional benefit of industrial roof waterproofing system is the minimal disturbance to the operations within the building.

By applying a liquid based industrial roof waterproofing system it will encapsulate whatever surface they are applied to, meaning that whatever is underneath is preserved and protected from all weathers.

Unlike other installation processes, liquid roofing involves no hot works which can present serious fire risks. Because the coating material used is applied cold, any fire risk is avoided, meaning that it is a much safer alternative to consider.

High Performance Corrosion-Preventing Coatings for Cladding and Roofs

We provide and install a wide range of high performance waterproofing and corrosion-preventing coatings for cladding and roofs from All Times Coatings. Their advanced scientific corrosion prevention hybrid solutions stand the test of time and are virtually impenetrable by the elements.

Metal Roofs

Advantage® for Metal Roofs is a single-component, solvent free metal roof coating system with added graphene for exceptional corrosion resistance, making it the unrivalled choice for both contractors and specifiers.

The moisture cured anti corrosion hybrid coating is damp tolerant during application and can be easily recoated. It provides excellent UV and mechanical protection while working with the thermal movement required from temperature changes that are experienced throughout the year.

Asbestos Roofs

Avoid the costs of removing and disposing of your asbestos roof by encapsulating harmful fibres and waterproofing your building for years to come.

Advantage® Asbestos Roof Repair instantly encapsulates hazardous asbestos fibres without needing a primer. An advanced 20-year system, designed to speed up the job and reduce trafficking on the roof.

Benefits of the Advantage® range of industrial roof waterproofing systems

Are virtually impenetrable by the elements.

Are low maintenance in application and upkeep.

Have market leading warranties and insurances of 15, 20, or 30 years.

Are damp tolerant, extending your working window and reducing overruns.

Have a high spread rate of 5m² (Advantage® for Metal Roof and Cut Edge Corrosion).

One coat only, minimising time and costs by:

  • Reducing application time.
  • Reducing contractor time on task.
  • Reducing machinery usage/hire.
  • Reducing the quantity of product needed.
  • Reducing trafficking on roof.

The Advantage® Range is solvent and VOC free which:

  • Limits environmental impacts and improves your eco-centric image.
  • Reduces the risk to contractors from inhaling harmful substances.
  • Helps you meet your duty of care.
  • Lessens restrictions on use, and the building type it can be applied to.
  • Reduces storage and transportation considerations.
If your looking for more information on Industrial Roof Waterproofing Systems then please contact us at one of our offices below and we will happily carry out a survey of your property and offer the best solution for you.