We offer an Asphalt Roofing Installation and Repairs service. This versatile form of roofing has the advantage that it can be applied to a range of surfaces, including concrete, timber and metal.

Regarded as a traditional roofing material, Mastic Asphalt has successfully stood the test of time as it provides unrivalled protection against the elements and has a long life span.

Mastic Asphalt remains the first choice for specifiers and building owners. Made up of a mixture of asphaltic cement which consists of bitumen asphaltite or lake asphalt, polymers, crushed limestone, crushed coarse aggragate, pigments, binders, modifiers and special aggregates. It can easily be worked around pipes, roofllights, and other projections. It works best when formed as a continuous waterproof covering over flat, sloped or curved surfaces.

We have an experienced team of professional asphalt roof installers who are fully trained to ensure the highest standard of finish.

Asphalt Roof Installations

Mastic asphalt roofing solutions air one of the most popular flat roof surfaces chosen because of its outstanding longevity and complete waterproofing capability.

It offers a void-proof surface that does not need compacting. We have an experienced team that hand-lay the mastic asphalt with a float finish to flat, curved and sloping roofs.

No other roofing material can match the long-term performance and durability of mastic asphalt. A range of grades is available to suit all types of roofs and properties. We provide this exceptionally versatile material which is easily laid to form a continuous waterproof membrane.

Asphalt Roof Repairs

As with any roof system, over time there could be issues or faults whichever products or materials you use. Regular roofing checks and maintenance are very important as if there is damage to your roof however big or small if left unattended the area of damage can soon become much larger and eventually can be a serious hazard to the building and your workers.

We provide a full Asphalt roofing maintenance and repair service throughout London and the Midlands.

We can provide you with a professional, cost-effective and efficient repair. When a repair isn’t possible we’ll provide you with a competitively priced quote for a new asphalt roofing installation.

Benefits of Asphalt Roofing

  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Cost effective
  • 100% waterproof
  • Maintenance free
  • Up to 50-60 years life span
  • Little or no impact on environment
  • Recyclable
  • Achieved carbon zero status
Asphalt Roofing Installations and Repairs - All Seasons Industrial Roofing
Asphalt Roofing Installations and Repairs - All Seasons Industrial Roofing

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