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The advantages of a roof survey

The advantages of a roof survey All Seasons Industrial Roofing

A roof condition survey is an invaluable tool for assessing its current condition and this simple bit of maintenance can add years to the life of your commercial property. With the roof being the outer most layer of the building, it is constantly being exposed to the ever changing elements and the advantages of a roof survey could be the difference of not only thousands in monetary value but also preventing stress and downtime to your company as a whole.

What is a commercial roof survey?

A commercial roof survey is usually performed by a roofing contractor or other roofing professional. These assessments are conducted to examine the condition and quality of the roof membrane, insulation and original structure. After the visual inspection and core samples have been taken, a detailed report will be given to the building owner. The report will include areas that are causing leaks, areas on the roof that are saturated, photos of these areas, and recommendations going forward.

What are the benefits of a commercial roof survey?

A new roof represents a substantial capital investment, and annual roofing inspections are intended to help you maximise that investment by addressing smaller issues before they turn into significant problems.

Keeps the Environment Cool

Roof inspection plays a vital role in maintaining the inside temperature of your commercial building. If the roof is in proper condition, it keeps the temperature of the room dry and comfortable. This not only helps in maintaining the temperature but also keeps your building warmer during winters and cooler during summers.

Increased productivity

Regular roof inspection helps in maintaining the overall conditions of the roof that includes durability, strength, outlook and many other things. Employees feel secured working under the roof and can concentrate more on their work. This will create a positive atmosphere that will lead to increased productivity of the workers.

Increased cost efficiency

Due to regular inspection, small problems of your roof are identified on time that can prevent expensive repair work for you. This is not only cost efficient but also saves your time because small repairs are fixed quickly than compared to those big repairs.

We provide Roof Surveys for insurance claims, dilapidation purposes and property purchases throughout London and the West Midlands.

We can undertake condition surveys on all types of industrial and commercial buildings, including built-up felt, synthetic single ply, mastic asphalt, liquid applied membranes, built-up and composite panel cladded roofs, tiles and slated roofs.

Upon instruction we will inspect your property at a convenient time and examine all aspects of your roof, consider the problematic areas and propose the right waterproofing solution to meet the needs of the building and that of each roof area. We will provide a detailed report on the state of your roof and gutters including photographic evidence and options to repair, refurbish or replace.

Our experienced team have worked on a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings including warehouses, factories, offices, retail units, schools, hospitals and other large properties.

For further information on the advantages of a roof survey, please contact us here:

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