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The benefits of waterproofing industrial roofs

Waterproof Roof Coatings All Seasons Industrial Roofing

Even the strongest commercial roofs over time, can face a significant amount of wear and tear, when exposed to the elements.  Life expectancy can be considerably extended by the application of a quality industrial roof waterproofing system incorporating a solar reflective finish. Whether you’re trying to bolster your existing waterproofing or repair faulty or damaged portions, allowing water seepage is an unacceptable risk to the integrity of your building and should never be ignored.

Desmopol Liquid Polyurethane Membrane

At All Seasons Industrial Roofing we use the market leading Desmopol Liquid Polyurethane Membrane, a single ply system that is used as a protective coating on top of existing roofing. The Desmopol range of products are supplied in liquid format and produce even, elastic and completely waterproof membranes when applied to all types of surfaces. It can be installed in a single layer with excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces.

Its properties make it an excellent choice for achieving air-tightness and perfect waterproofing on a multitude of surfaces and substrates. It is applied manually, using a roller or brush and, exceptionally, using specific spray equipment. Desmopol holds an ETA Certification for 25 years life expectancy, making it an ideal solution for waterproofing new builds or restorations.

The benefits

Safety reasons-If you have wiring that is exposed to leaks due to insufficient waterproofing, there is a very real danger of fire or electrocution. And as the building’s owner, you would be liable for any damages or injuries incurred.

Structural reasons – A building that is structurally unsound due to the long term effects of water damage can be a major disaster waiting to happen and long term complications can be avoided with early intervention.

Extends roof life – The cost of a new roof can be expensive and time consuming, resulting in a possible lack of production, with financial loss to your business. Extending the roof life with a simple, cost effective quick solution is preferable.

Simplified maintenance – A waterproof coating atop your existing roof membrane, becomes far easier to repair and maintain. Repairs will be smaller and less extensive, with fewer problem in the long run.

Reduced energy cost – You can reduce the amount of money you pay for electricity with a good waterproofing system in place as it seals any leaks and holes blocking out moisture and keeps cold or warm air from seeping out your building.

By applying a liquid based industrial roof waterproofing system it will encapsulate whatever surface they are applied to, meaning that whatever is underneath is preserved and protected from all weathers. For further information on industrial roof waterproofing benefits please contact us here: London Office or Midlands Office


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