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Why you need to get your roof inspected

Why you need to get your roof inspected All Seasons Industrial Roofing

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your building. No matter if you’re a homeowner, or own a business building, your structure has a roof over it. Therefore, It is important throughout the year to keep water, snow, wind and more out of your building in order to keep up with safety and code regulations.  Roofs that are poorly maintained or that are in need of repair can be the source of multiple problems and our latest article on why you need to get your roof inspected, can identify these issues before they escalate.


With early detection, a leak or damage to your roof can result in only minor repairs and minimal costs to your business. If you wait or do not get your roof inspected when the leak is first noticed, the damage to the roof can spread, or cause other flooding or mould damage inside. Leaky roofs are a common source of mould and mildew in industrial or commercial structures, and once the mould spores have attached to the inside of your building, your problem becomes much greater than a small hole in your roof. By getting a roof inspection, you’re able to detect and stop these leaks early, reducing your chances that you will have a mould problem later on.

Another major benefit of commercial roof inspections is that it allows you to detect small problems unrelated to leaks before they become more significant. Flashings that are deteriorating, curbs that are splitting, and many other issues can be identified by performing effective roof inspections. Fixing these problems when they are small is exponentially less expensive than waiting until they grow into major problems.

Determine if you need a new roof

Another very common reason to have your roof inspected is to determine if you need a roof replacement. If it’s been many years since your structure was built, or you can’t remember when your commercial roof was installed, it may be wise to have professionals  to inspect your roof. They’ll be able to determine the structural integrity of your current roof, as well as to go over your options to replace your roof. The average commercial roof lasts roughly 10-15 years, so if it’s been longer than 10 years, an inspection may be advised.

They will put your mind at ease

Nothing is more comforting than knowing your commercial roof is structurally safe. You are assured that everything is okay through commercial roof inspections and quality maintenance by a commercial roofing company.

Streamline insurance claims

Insurance policies protect your building from damage created by the weather. Those damages cannot be claimed so easily if the damage wasn’t weather related, and instead, was the lack of care applied to your roof. A commercial roof inspection eliminates that worry of suspicion with a detailed report.

We can offer roof inspections with photographic / video evidence through traditional inspections with the use of a cherry picker or via drone technology.

For further information on commercial roof inspections please contact us here: London Office | Midlands Office

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